About Us

Our main goals are
  • Sustainable basic service delivery and access to free basic services.
  • Institutional Development and Transformation
  • Economic Development Transformation and growth with special emphasis on agriculture
  • Housing provision
  • Special Programmes with the emphasis on addressing HIV/Aids Health
  • Municipal Financial Viability and Management Sound Governance
Our Business Values
  • Diligence (self-driven public representative and management team, communities to serving the people, assertive in representing the interests of Sakhisizwe inhabitants)
  • Promptness ( responding to matters of public and citizens interests within reasonable time including acknowledging and keeping people informed process)
  • Integrity ( transparency, honesty, good democracy ethics, impartial of matters of public good and interest and building a public service that transcends political and social boundaries)
  • Accountability (responsible, taking ownership, discipline efficient and implanting a culture of a demand driven development paradigm)
  • Participative ( building a reciprocal relationship between management and all internal stakeholders, between council and administration, between labour¬† and organizational leadership and between the municipality and its citizens)
  • Responsive (building a customer friendly municipal environment, ensuring a proactive, flexible, creative and quality conscious service delivery environment)
  • Considerate ( implanting a culture of compassionate, caring and emotional intelligent municipal environment that prioritizes its inhabitants, employees and councilors)

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