Foreword From Sakhisizwe Mayor

It gives me pleasure as the Mayor of Sakhisizwe Municipality to present once again to the Council and the public at large, as well as to our stakeholders, the revised Integrated Development Plan and Budget for the 2013 -2014.
When we took over the political administration from the previous Council, my political colleagues and I knew that it was to be a journey worth travelling. We made a commitment that this journey should be about realizing a dream of a better life for all our people in our municipality. We committed to achieving the following development priorities:


  • Service Delivery
  • Local Economic Development and Growth
  • Financial Viability
  • Good Governance and Public Participation, and
  • Municipal Institutional Development and Transformation


In this journey we continue to remain guided by both the country’s Constitution (particularly Chapter 7 on Local Government, and Chapter 3 on Cooperative Governance).


Cooperative Governance remain(ed) key in all our plans, thus we further committed to the realization of the Eastern Cape Provincial Growth and Development Plan (EC PGDP). PGDP has the following main goals:


  • Poverty Eradication
  • Agrarian Transformation and Food Security
  • Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing Diversification and Tourism
  • Human Resource Development and
  • Public Sector and Institutional Transformation


In this journey, thus far, we have pointers that convince us that we are headed in the right direction in achieving some of the goals enunciated above, and in our plans and strategies.


Some of our successes are as follows:


  1. In dealing with water provision in some of our needy villages, the SEPLAN Water Supply project was handed over to the villages that make up SEPLAN
  2. In collaboration with the district municipality, Chris Hani District, we implemented a sanitation project
  3. In putting electricity to villages, the municipality facilitated Planning by Eskom to install electricity in 13 villages. These villages will soon have electricity


During this financial year, the municipality met targets in implementing a lot of capital projects. The following are some of such capital projects:


  • Cala roads & storm water project phase 2 , worth R3, 197,989.67
  • Ward 5 Community hall, worth R1 816 450.01
  • Old Location Community Hall, worth R1 809 352.14



In spite of these successes, the municipality is faced with (and is trying to deal with) the following challenges:


  • Creation of sustainable jobs
  • The majority of our citizens are young people, and are without Grade 12. This not only does it limit their access to jobs, but limit their access to most institutions of higher learning.
  • Citizen participation on matters of governance is still at undesirable levels. In the next financial year there will be better and improved methods in creating an interest on citizens to participate on all municipal activities such as Water Management Awareness, IDP Reviews, etc.


In closing, I would like to thank Council Members for their commitment in realizing the goals of improving the lives of our people. I would further thank the hard working managers (and their teams) who, in spite of all challenges, continue to pay attention to the task at hand. Yes, we do have challenges, but these are not what we focus on, but what we built energy on and recommit to working extra hard


Hon. Councillor
B Ponoshe